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Our commitment with universities

Excellence by
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Connou reinforces the relationship between students and university.

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connou reinforce relationship between students and university

The underlying problem

How to achieve
feel left out
at university?

feeling lonely

+50% students feel very lonely.

+10% students considered suicide.

+10% of students dropout at european universities.

€0.4 - 20 BILLION
university systems lose annually due to dropouts.

golden fact
feeling Isolated

After being isolated for such a long time during the pandemic, young adults have lost out on developing social skills in the most important part of their self development.

Positive relationship backed by a strong and supportive learning community is key to achieving academic success.

Introducing Connou

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A community based on passions

Our algorithm matches students who share similar interest and moods. They don´t need to belong to the same faculty. And, of corse, there is no discrimination for social, sexual orientation, race, age or gender reasons.

Safe and reliable connections

Students are connected to other students who have been previously verified through their university email. This created a tight-knit university community and fosters a more unified school spirit..

University events promotion

Students will meet each other through the events and activities (conferences, meetups, presentations, workshops, etc.) that they propose themselves, and the ones arranged by the university. Interactive calendar feature is in development.

feeling excited and prosperous at uni with Connou app

From the beginning of their uni experience, students will start creating their community on campus:

A place to learn, grow, achieve success and be happy!

Connou as part of your institution

They want to have us

Beginnings are always tricky, especially for young adults whose identities are malleable and can be shaped by singular experiences. We want to make that process easier by working with you and your onboarding programs.

Connou will help your institution by facilitating your students to meet their fellows on campus from the first day of their university experience. By offering them the possibility of joining activities and

events they may feel interested in, they will meet like-minded humans, which will prepare the path to create a supportive learning community and increase their academic success.

Your institution will be able to promote events and activities organised by your departments and students will always be in touch to join them with a friend, new or old. In this way, students also feel cared for and supported by the university itself.

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